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Instruction for cleaning Blade of Rotary Slitter

SHINHAN FA SYSTEM 2017.08.18 15:32 Hit 1120

Please see a reference movie below:

WARNING:  Be sure to wear safety gloves for this task.

WARNING:  NEVER perform this task or stick anything into a moving blade FROM THE FRONT ENTRY SIDE 

                    as it can cause severe bodily injury as well as damage to the machine.

1.  Prepare a cleaning device by placing a corrugated cardboard into the acrylic holder and cover it with a dust-free nonwoven wiper.

2.  Remove the rear panel to get access to the blades.

3.  Start the machine and adjust the speed dial to low speed.

4.  Spray the glue removal solution onto the entire blades.

5.  Clean the blades by gently pressing the cleaning device in between the upper and lower blades covering all parts of the blades.

6.  Spray alcohol (100% alcohol is recommended) onto the entire blades.

7.  Repeat step 5 making sure that the sprayed glue removal solution is completely removed.

     Check for any moisture on the blades, repeat step 5 using a new dry wipe to ensure that all moisture is completely removed.

     (CAUTION:  Failure to not completely dry off the blades may result in blade corrosion)

8.  Use an air gun to blow away any dust or debris stuck on the blades.

9.  Shut off the motor and reinstall the rear panel to complete the process.

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