SHA-2000R Assembly System for Rapid Diagnostic Device (Semi-Automated)

PRODUCT OVERVIEW With this system machine, once loading top and bottom plastic cases onto device transfer conveyors are done manually by manpower, 1st vision inspection (1 unit) of a card(membrane with reagent laminated), cutting the to strips, placing the fair quality strips only into the bottom case(1 SCP unit) fed aligned, 2nd inspections(1 unit), combining the bottom case having a strip inside with a top case fed aligned, and release finally and fairly assembled devices to an outlet.
SHA-2000R Assembly System for Rapid Diagnostic Device (Semi-Automated)


Except feeding of top and bottom cases are done manually by manpower, all other operations incl. SCP(Strip Cut, Pick, and Place) are done automatically

High productivity by adopting a SCP(Strip Cut, Pick, and Place) unit and successive operation

Isolation of not fairly assembled devices by 2 vision inspection units

Enhanced cost efficiency by minimized labor input (2 persons)

Easy operation by a Touch Screen

Stable operation by applying Servo Motors

SPECIFICATIONS (can be changed depending on applied devices)

Model name: SHA-2000R

Applicable products: Rectangular shaped rapid diagnostic device

Capacity: 1,800~2,400 Devices / hour

Required human power: 2 Persons ~

Bottom & Top case supply: Manually by manpower

SCP(Strip Cut-Pick and Place) unit quantity: 1 unit

Isolation of incorrectly assembled product: Available by 2 vision cameras

Main operation: by clutch break motor 

Control / Panel : PLC / Touch Screen

Strip cutting tool: Guillotine Cutter (+/- 0.1mm tolerance)

Bottom & Top case coupling: by Air Cylinder / Roller Press

Loadable card q’ty on a magazine: 30~50 Cards

System size: Approx. 2.7(L) x 1.7(W) x 1.8(H) m

Weight: 1200 Kg

Power supply: AC 110 / 220V, 50 / 60 Hz

Required air pressure: 5~7 Kgf / cm2