SHA-1800 Assembly System for Rapid Diagnostic Device (Semi-Automated)

PRODUCT OVERVIEW With this system, once a bottom plastic case is fed by a parts feeder onto the system automatically, human person put test strip (membrane with reagent laminated) into a specific position in the bottom case manually, the system combines the bottom case having a strip inside with a top case fed by another parts feeder and aligned by the system, press, and release the finally and fairly assembled devices to an outlet automatically.
SHA-1800 Assembly System for Rapid Diagnostic Test Device


Except for strip placement into bottom case manually by operators, all other operations incl. aligned feeding of top and bottom cases are done automatically by the system

Isolation of incorrectly assembled bottom case & strip through inspection of strip existence by a color sensor

Cost-efficient through the optimal labor input (2 persons ~)  

Easy setting and operation with a Touch Screen

Stable operation by adopting Servo Motors

SPECIFICATIONS (can be changed depending on applied devices)

Model name: SHA-1800

Applicable Products: Rectangular shaped rapid diagnostic test device

Capacity: 1,800 ~ Devices / hour

Number of needful human power: 2 persons~

Bottom & Top case supply: Automatic by 2 units of parts feeders

Isolation of incorrectly assembled product: Available through a color sensor

Main operation: by Servo Motors

Control / Panel : PLC / Touch Screen

Bottom & Top case coupling: by Air Press / Roller Press

Loadable card q’ty on a magazine: 30~50 cards

System size: Approx. 5.5(L) x 3.0(W) x 1.8(H) m

Weight: Approx. 700 Kg

Power supply:  AC 110 / 220V, 50 / 60 Hz

Required Air Pressure: 5~7 Kgf / cm2