SHP-200 Tube Sealing Machine

PRODUCT OVERVIEW SHP-200 is a heat sealing machine using a sealing jig. This machine seals several tubes filled with a liquid solution using a film and cut the film at the same time
SHP-200 Tube Sealing Machine


Using a film, seal several tubes filled manually with liquid solution and cut all the tubes at a time

Easy use through simple switch operation

Hard and anti-rust by adopting stainless and duralumin

Cover and emergency stop are adopted for safe work environment  

SPECIFICATIONS (can be changed depending on applied devices)

Model name: SHP-200

Applicable product: Tube filled with a liquid solution

Sealing Capacity: Approx. 6 sec (based on using jig for 10 tubes)

Sealing temperature: Adjustable

Heater Capacity: 300W

Control / Panel: PLC / Touch Screen

Size: Approx. 780mm(L) x 1250(W) x 880(H); can be changeable depending on the specification of product

Power supply:  AC 100 / 220V,  50 / 60 Hz

Required air pressure: 5~7 Kgf / cm2