SHP-4000 Pillow Pouch Packing & Sealing System

PRODUCT OVERVIEW This machine does a pillow type pouch(aluminum coated inside) packing of a rapid diagnostic test device and 3 sides heat-sealing on the pouch. The test device and, if required, dropper are fed manually by manpower and desiccant are fed manually by the same or by the machine when rolled desiccant with‘I’mark is available. The machine is composed of infeed conveyor, film feeding unit, and sealing unit
SHP-4000 Pillow Pouch Packing & Sealing System


High productivity with cost efficiency and it is also applicable to a certain shape of general solid products as well as rapid diagnostic test devices

SPECIFICATION (can be changed depending on applied devices)
Model name: SHP-4000

Applicable product: rapid diagnostic test devices etc.

Packing size: negotiable

Capacity: Approx. 80 pouches/ min.

Print alignment: by photo-sensors

Control panel: PLC / Touch Screen

Required air pressure: 5~7 kgf/cm2

Power supply: AC 220/380V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase/3 Phase 

Dimension: Approx. 4.5m x 1.1.m x 1.8m

Weight: 1500Kg