SHD-8000 Dip & Dry System

PRODUCT OVERVIEW This system dips membrane or various pad material from a roll into liquid reagent solution, dries the dipped membrane or other pad, and rewind as a roll after the drying process. The system is suitable for mass production of reagent absorbed membrane and other pads
SHD-8000 Dip & Dry System

High-level production efficiency and products quality control

Automatic reagent amount control

Collection of excessive reagent solution

Reagent solution temperature control

Temperature control in the dry chamber

Automatic tension control in the process of membrane or pad winding and re-winding

Dipping and Drying speed control

Easy membrane attach and detach

Easy cleaning (parts of reagent contacts can be detachable)

SPECIFICATIONS (can be changed depending on applied devices)

Model name: SHD-8000

Applicable product: Rolled membrane or various types of pad, and reagent solution

Reagent tank and roller: Detachable (exchangeable)

Drying Chamber Temperature:  Adjustable up to 120° C

Rolling speed: 15mm ~ 120mm / sec

Option: Extra parts of reagent contacts(i.e. Reagent Tank, Rollers), Dehumidifier in the Chamber, Slitter(Rotary Ring Knife)

Power supply: AC220V/380V, 50/60Hz, Single/3 Phases

Required air pressure: 5~7 kgf/cm2

Dimension and Weight: Variable depending on applied products and customer’s requirements