PRODUCT OVERVIEW This machine is designed to press the semi-assembled top case and bottom case(with a test strip inside) of the rapid diagnostic test device and release it to an outlet once it is placed manually by manpower
SHA-100 Pressing Machine

Main Features

Higher productivity than an assembly of the test device manually by manpower

Specifications (can be changed depending on applied devices)

Model name: SHA-100

Applicable product:  Rapid diagnostic device

Capacity: Approx. 4000 devices/hour (can increase if manpower is added)

Device(semi-assembled) feeding: manually by manpower

Operation tool: Button type (START / STOP / EMERGENCY button)

Inspection: Visually by manpower

Pressing tool: Roller Press

Dimension: Approx. 4(L) x 0.9(W) x 1.1(H) m

Weight:: Approx. 150Kg 

Power supply: AC 110/220V, 50/60 Hz