SHC-900 Rotary Slitter

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The machine cut the card(uncut sheet) laminated with membrane and other related pads by specific width and release through a tray or a chute once a person input an uncut sheet on the equipment
SHC-900 Rotary Slitter


Easy operation through user-friendly design

Various width (3~8mm) of strip cutting is available through an easy exchange of cutting blade    

Low cutting error by precise cutting blades

Longer use life-span using titanium coated blade

Minimized maintenance cost by simple operations

Minimized strip’s sticking to the blade by adopting antistatic ionizer

SPECIFICATIONS (can be changed depending on applied devices)

Model name: SHC-900 (old RSM-100)

Applicable product: Card (uncut sheet) with reagent absorbed membrane and other related pads

Capacity: 900 Cards/hour (based on 4 sec. feeding interval)

Card length: Max. 320 mm

Card width: Max. 140 mm

Card depth: 2.5 mm

Card feeding: Manually by a personal operator

Strip width: 3~8 mm

Size: 0.68(L) x 0.45(W) x 0.37(H) m

Weight: Approx. 100 kg

Power supply: AC110 / 220V, 50 / 60 Hz