Shinhan FA System always does its best.

Since SHINHAN FA SYSTEM was established in 1993, it has been developing and supplying Automated Manufacturing Equipment for feeding, parts assembly, and various production procedure in many production sites of diverse industries such as Automobile parts, Semiconductor, and so on following requests of customers in those industries for longer than 30 years.

For longer than recent 10 years, it has especially devoted itself to developing and supplying Automated Manufacturing Equipment for Membrane Laminating, Sheet Feeding, Reagent(liquid) Dispensing, Parts (test strip and device housing etc.) Assembly, Cutting (rotary slitting or guillotine), and Packaging procedure as partially or as system/turnkey to a lot of named Rapid Diagnostic Test Device (test strip inside) manufacturers in Korea, USA, and so on. Through these experience, it acquired valuable Know-Hows for the job that now is supplying highly qualified equipment and services related to the automated production of these Rapid Diagnostic Test Devices.

Since a few years ago, SHINHAN FA SYSTEM also challenged to the development of Automated Assembly and Packing System Equipment for Dental Implant Module Packaging and it successfully supplied them to several reputable dental implant manufacturers with their satisfaction. As there is a very limited qualified automated production system supplier for this kind of very special product worldwide, all the members of SHINHAN FA SYSTEM are very proud of this successful achievement in this unexplored field and became the leader for the automated assembly system in this specific area.

To make the long story short, SHINHAN FA SYSTEM has been already verified supplier of qualified production automation system and equipment through the real records having supplied those to a lot of reputable customers (device manufacturers) in Korea and overseas countries.

Finally, all the members of SHINHAN FA SYSTEM is happy that they could help their customers to have realized the values pursued by the customers through the automation system and equipment they supplied for the same and they will keep putting the 1st priority to give much more benefits to the customers by creating innovation in their automated manufacturing technology and services. Thank you