High Voltage Crown Spring Assembly System for Adapter

High Voltage Crown Spring Assembly System for Adapter


The High Voltage Crown Spring Assembly System for Adapter is designed for manual battery supply by the operator. It automatically supplies small and large crown springs and ring-type crown springs, assembles them onto the battery, and dispenses the assembled product. The equipment involves the operator manually supplying the terminal and crown spring to the bowl feeder. The index unit is used for settling, pressing, and transfer operations. Subsequently, a pressure inspection is conducted to verify if the small/large ring-type is pressed properly. The system further performs assembly checks through load cell inspection for assembly status and fine/defected verification


Main features

  • Settling, pressing assembly and inspection tasks are performed automatically through the automatic supply and index transfer unit, except for manual battery supply
  • Easy setup and operation through a touchscreen interface
  • Convenient production operations through material presence checks and fine/defected verification
  • Long-term cost efficiency achieved with minimal labor input
  • Stable operation with the use of servo motors


  • Model name: Automatic Supply and Assembly System
  • Applicable product: Crown springs- Small, Large, and Ring-type
  • Capacity: 1,020 ea/hr
  • Required manpower: 1 person
  • Control panel : PLC/ Touch screen/li>
  • Dimensions: 2,470(W) X 2,000(L) X 1,740(H) (mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 1,050 Kg
  • Power supply: Single phase 220V, 60Hz
  • Required manpower: 5Kgf/㎠~+7Kgf/㎠ (5~7 Bars)