6-Line Auto Dispensing & Sealing System

SHS-6000 6-Line Auto Dispensing & Sealing System


SHS-6000 is an automated system machine that fills liquid material such as  buffer solution into tube and seals using a film and cut the film automatically


Main Features

  • Efficient quality control through prevention from contamination that may occur by contact with human
  • Easy setting and operation by Touch Screen
  • Stable operation by adopting Servo Motor
  • Long-term cost efficiency by minimal labor input
  • Vision Inspection


Specification (Can be changed depending on applied devices)

  • Model Name: SHS-6000
  • Applicable products: Liquid Fluid, tube and film
  • Capacity: 100 EA per a min.
  • Filling volume: Adjustable (can be customized)
  • Required manpower: 1 Person
  • Tube supply: Automatic by elevator conveyor and linear feeder
  • Main operation: Servo motors
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, 50/60 Hz
  • Air consumption: 650L/Min
  • Control / Panel: PLC/Touch Screen
  • Required air pressure: 6~7 Kgf/cm² (6~7 Bar)
  • Dimension: About 2,300(W) x 2,350(L) x 1,050(H) mm
  • Gross Weight: About 2,000 Kg