SIA-2000 Assembly System for Dental Implant Module Package

SIA-2000 Assembly System for Dental Implant Module Package


This system makes dental implant with or without holders(zigs) be placed and positioned in a cylinder-shaped device that and released after removal of foreign substances. All these operations are done automatically and very suitable for assembly of dental implant package module.



  • High productivity through automated successive operation
  • Isolation of defective devices via inspection process
  • Enhanced space efficiency by adopting index drive
  • Easy setting and operation using PLC Touch Screen
  • Accurate operation by applying Clutch Brake Motor


  • Model name: SIA-2000
  • Applicable product: dental implants module package
  • Capacity: 36 devices / minute
  • Assembly lane q’ty: 2 Lanes
  • Needful operator number: 1 persons
  • Device supply: by Bowl Feeder(s)
  • Defective device isolation: Available by Torque
  • Main operation: by Clutch Brake Motor
  • Control panel: PLC Touch Screen
  • Zig assembly: Available
  • Number of devices loadable in a tray: 100 devices
  • Number of loadable tray in a magazine: 20 trays
  • System Size: Approx. 2,500(L) x 3,000(W) x 1,700(H) mm
  • Power Supply: 220 Volt, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Electricity consumption: 220V 90W
  • Needful Air Pressure: 5~7 Kgf / cm2
  • Gross Weight: Approx. 800 Kg