SMU-300 Tape Laminating & Multi-slitting Machine

SMU-300 Tape Laminating & Multi-slitting Machine


The SMU-300 Tape Laminating & Multi-slitting Machine is designed to unwind basic membrane roll (150mm width) out from unwinding reel, laminate the basic membrane with double-sided adhesive tape, cut the tape laminated basic membrane into slit membrane(5mm width) through a built-in rotary slitter, and (re)wind the  slit adhesive tape laminated 5mm width membrane onto (re)winding reel.



Main Features

  • Higher working efficiency (less error rate and contamination)
  • High through and quality
  • Long term cost efficiency by minimal labor input
  • Reduce contamination factors
  • Low material loss
  • Adjustable cutting speed

SPECIFICATIONS (Can be changed depending on applied devices)

  • Width of Membrane & Double-sided adhesive tape: 150 mm
  • Cutting tool:  Round Multi-Sitting Blade
  • Cutting speed:  10~100mm / Sec.
  • Membrane cutting width: 5 mm
  • Pressed air : 5~6 Kgf/cm2 (5~6 Bar)
  • Power supply :  AC220V, 50Hz, 20A, Single Phase
  • External dimension :  2,880mm (L) X 800mm (W)  X  1,740mm (H)